Our Smart Adhesives
are everywhere
Safe, efficient, flexible and responsive, Bostik’s smart adhesives do more than just stick things together. Click on the icons to learn more about where our adhesives are used.
Airplane Interior
Bostik adhesives are used in the construction of aircraft interior spaces including the panels to create galleys and bathrooms. They are lightweight to contribute to lighter aircraft for improved fuel efficiency and offer additional functionality including thermo-acoustic insulation performance to reduce noise and vibration.
Bostik solutions are used to insulate aeroplanes and protect passengers from hazards including fire. Offering resistance to humidity and high and low temperatures, the adhesives are used to bond insulation materials and hold wall panel components securely in place.
Bostik adhesives are used in textile and fabric bonding applications found in aircraft, including passenger seats, wall panels and floors. These solutions are fire retardant and have been designed to withstand continuous passenger use, cleaning and maintenance.
Bostik’s activities in the aerospace sector include the supply of adhesives and laminating materials for bonding, sealing and protecting the interior wall panels found in commercial aircraft. These products are flame resistant allowing passengers more time to escape in the event of an emergency and resist scratches, stains and damage over the life of the aeroplane.
Bostik offers a full range of tiling solutions including surface preparation products, adhesives and grouts for all types of applications including interiors, exteriors, reception areas, wet rooms, bathrooms and commercial kitchens.
& Sealing
Bostik offers multiple products and technologies to protect buildings from the elements. Our ranges include solutions for protective applications including building facades, expansion joints, roofs and windows and doors.
Bostik plays an active role in the insulation of buildings to ensure improved energy efficiency and sustainability over their lifetime. In addition to adhesive solutions to effectively bond insulation materials both inside and outside buildings, our ranges also include systems for bonding insulated ventilated facade panels and Exterior Insulated Facade Systems (EIFS).
Bostik has a long history of supplying adhesives and sealants to the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance window and door units. Utilising our technical know-how and latest innovations we actively seek new ways to improve the energy performance of construction components used in new and renovated buildings.
Bostik’s flooring solutions are renowned in global markets for their performance and role in delivering the highest quality floor finishes. Our systems include products for effective surface and substrate preparation alongside adhesives for all types of floor coverings and finishes including vinyl, hardwood, rubber, carpet and resins.
Exterior Panels
Bostik adhesives are used in the construction of high speed trains, passenger coaches, light rail and metro systems around the globe. For exterior applications, Bostik offers ranges of products which are used to bond and seal railcar components including body panels, roofs, door systems, exterior lighting, rain gutters and signage.
Floor Bonding
Bostik adhesives play an important role in the insulation and installation of floor panels in many types of rail vehicles. Used in high speed trains, light rail and metro transport vehicles, our products and have been designed to withstand heavy passenger use, cleaning and maintenance.
Interior Panels
Bostik adhesives and sealants are used throughout railcar interiors for applications including side panels and ceiling components. Our latest rail innovations are fire retardant and meet the most stringent regulations for passenger safety and sustainability.
Window Installation
Bostik adhesives are used to install and seal passenger windows and cockpit windshields on railcars operating in countries all over the world. Designed to facilitate quick and easy installation for manufacturers, they withstand the toughest conditions including water, high and low temperatures as well as the shock and vibrations when travelling at high speeds.
Bostik adhesives bond the labels found on many different products including fruit and vegetables and drinks as well as other consumer products including toiletries and cosmetics. Designed to function in the toughest conditions and bond to different types of materials, our adhesives are behind the labels of many world famous consumer brands.
Bostik adhesives are used in the manufacture the packaging of many iconic products and brands. And in addition to sealing the packaging which ends up on the shelf, our adhesives are also used to seal and close the outer cartons used to transport the goods to your local supermarket.
Bostik’s reseal adhesives offer consumers the convenience of opening and reclosing packaging containing products such as meats, cheeses, cakes and cookies. Specially formulated to be opened and closed multiple times, our adhesives reduce waste by keeping food fresher for longer.
Tissue & Towel
Bostik adhesives are used in the manufacture of everyday paper products including toilet paper and kitchen rolls. Our adhesives are used to bond the paper to the core as well as the final tie to complete the roll. Our latest innovations also include adhesives and binders which are used in the manufacture of disposable wipes which disperse when disposed of in water.
Disposable Hygiene
& Personal Care
Bostik works closely with the leading manufacturers of baby diapers and other disposable hygiene and personal care products. Regarded as one of the leaders in the market we supply adhesives used in the manufacture of these products for elastic attachment, wetness indication, pad attachment and stretch capability.
Bostik’s DIY ranges give you the confidence to complete everyday repair and renovation jobs around the home including Tiling, Flooring, Sealing and Waterproofing. With Bostik solutions, even the most inexperienced user can achieve professional quality results with our easy to use products.
Arts & Crafts
Whether it’s to keep the children occupied or create your next visual masterpiece, Bostik has the answer. Our ranges include glue sticks, tack adhesives and many art & crafts glues to help you to make the most beautiful and eye catching creations.
Beautiful interiors are truly possible with Bostik’s range of decorating products. With full ranges of preparation and adhesives for applications including smoothing, wall and floor coverings, you can easily achieve the highest quality finishes with minimal effort or fuss.
& Electronics
Although hidden inside, Bostik adhesives are used in the manufacture and assembly of many home appliance and electronic devices. Designed to bond, seal and hold components in place, our adhesives work seamlessly with other device components to offer benefits including reduced weight, noise and vibration.
Household Repairs
Whether it’s to repair your favourite mug or hide the damage to a treasured family heirloom, Bostik offers a full range of glues and repair adhesives to fix things of all shapes and sizes.
Interior Trim
Bostik adhesives play a vital role in the assembly and final appearance of vehicles, especially in car interiors. Our products are used by some of the world’s leading automotive brands for applications including dashboards, instrument panels, door panels and steering wheels providing improved insulation, noise and vibration control.
Interior Panels
Bostik adhesives are used throughout automotive interiors and are used to bond the components found in car doors and interior roof panels. Reducing the need for heavier mechanical fixings, these adhesives play a vital role in enabling car manufacturers to produce lighter vehicles which have improved fuel efficiency.
Car Seat Bonding
Bostik adhesives are used in the interiors of the world’s leading car brands and are used to bond a wide range of fabrics, leathers and foam materials in the assembly of car seats, floors, headliner panels and trunks. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, our products work together with these materials to provide the highest quality finishes demanded by car manufacturers.
Exterior Trim
Bostik adhesives are used to provide the finishing touches and styling to car exteriors by effectively bonding trims, badges and other exterior components including antennae. Designed to resist the toughest conditions, these products maintain their strong and flexible bonds over the life of the vehicle.
Bostik adhesives and sealants are used to fit car windshields both in new cars and in the repair markets. Designed to facilitate quick and easy installation, they withstand the toughest conditions including water, high and low temperatures as well as shock and vibrations.